Ignite The Flame - Bonding Generations (Recipe Book)

$33.00 SGD

It is always a superb way to end each meal with a seductive array of fine desserts. This recipe book contains 60 specially selected delicious recipes comprising of desserts, cakes, pastries, breads and Asian delicacies.

From simple to sophisticated cakes, from top quality Garlic Breads to up-market Challah Plaited Bread; from delicious Pecan Chocolate Chips to the fanciful Designer Cookies; and from simple, sinfully indulged muffins to the ones of a healthier choice - these are among the recipes spread out in Chef Siti Mastura's much-awaited recipe book. From newbies to the seasoned bakers, there is something for everyone to try their hands on at attempting the recipes from "Ignite The Flame... Bonding Generations" book.

That is what this book aspires to do - to bridge the generation gap and to bond with your loved ones because baking has no age, gender, racial and nationality barrier.

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